Hi I’m Erica, the creator of Love Bites Bakery.

I’ve painstakingly poured through cookbooks, online blogs, and spent countless hours in the kitchen to come up with these amazing treats, and I’m not done yet! The reason I started all of this is very simple one.

My daughter suffered a near fatal allergic reaction to dairy when she was a little over a year old. Who knew one spoonful of yogurt would change our lives? During allergy testing she was diagnosed with several other food allergies as well. She is healthy and happy now, but on a limited diet. Because of her dietary needs, and because I didn’t want her to miss out on all the delicious food of the holidays, I started looking around for treats that she could safely eat.

Unfortunately, most vegan baked goods that I found either fell short taste-wise, or contained overly processed items or allergens that she cannot eat.

Fortunately, I love a challenge.

I went for vegan scones first, because if you’re going to challenge yourself, you might as well go for a really big one. I happily served them to people who loved them, then asked how much butter was in them. With different scone varieties, I also got a large group of taste testers happy to try my different scones, and give me reviews and suggestions in exchange.

I tackled gingerbread. I made it for a family gathering and it disappeared, leaving behind only requests for more.

Then, it was almost my daughters birthday. I was determined that my daughter would have a birthday cake. A real cake, with frosting, and a candle. It took a long time to get that cake right, but I got it, just before her birthday. I made cupcakes, and almost everyone ate at least two of them, including my daughter.

I’m committed to the idea that children, and other allergy sufferers should be able to eat natural, great tasting foods, without having to pay more than they would for something at any other store. Everything is made by hand, with the same love and care that I put into everything that I make for my daughter.

Long story short, I started baking allergy friendly baked goods because every child deserves a birthday cake.

I would be honored to help you with yours.